Watch the Trailer for “One Path Ends” –

Wooooo! The Living World Season 3 finale is almost here! Source: Watch the Trailer for “One Path Ends” – Reddit post


Living World Season 3, Out of the Shadows The trailer has finally been released!! Wooop! I'm just going to speculate here and I really hope I am right. Right at the beginning of the video, after Trahearne, It says: "The Jungle Dragon is dead, its time to celebrate and a time of remembrance" I really hope that means we will get a … Continue reading Living World Season 3, Out of the Shadows

Spring update teaser video!!

Quote from Ten Ton Hammer With the highly anticipated Spring Update around the corner, ArenaNet today have give us permission to release their teaser trailer early - way before they officially announce it. It's super short at only twenty seconds long, but there are a few snippets in there that might yield some information as … Continue reading Spring update teaser video!!