ANet Dev leak?

Ok, we all know about the leaks that have been happening over the past several months. Some got me excited and some I thought were “too Leaky” I see nothing wrong in a little bit of info being leaked to add power to the hype train, some of those leaks came in at the right … Continue reading ANet Dev leak?


New sPvP map teaser

This Map looks huge! I wonder if it will come with a set of achievements, like the Capricorn map? Dulfy has posted the below on Reddit. Standard 3 point capture map with 2 artifacts on the side of the map. Offensive Artifact - Give your team 20% damage (both physical and condi). Wielder of the … Continue reading New sPvP map teaser

Mind Spike: Salvation Pass

Quote from Deroir The plot thickens! It’s time to uncover the story and secrets behind the newest raid wing Salvation Pass.


Gw2 raid wing 2 cinematic

Today a player put the cinematic from the 2nd raid wing on reddit. This has some guild wars 1 lore involved. Warning spoilers!!!


The future of gw2

I was alerted by a friend to a reddit post this evening. The community is unsure of the truth behind this post, but below is a copy and paste of it, so it doesn't get lost in the world wide web.   This is a direct copy and past From Reddit and could be complete … Continue reading The future of gw2


Data Mining – What wasn’t implemented in 2015

This is a direct copy and paste from That Shaman's Reddit post. I do not take any credit for his amazing work!! Everything is all in one place and it is quite interesting to see what was data mined through out the year that never actually made it to the game. Are these gone for … Continue reading Data Mining – What wasn’t implemented in 2015