Notes from Rata Novus: Part Three

I am unsure if this is the last in little stories from Taimi, but she is so cute. This bit of the story released by ArenaNet is very interesting indeed! 😮 RATA NOVUS LOG—ENTRY #17 You know what, journal? These Rata Novans might have been onto something. There’s a primal pleasantness I’m feeling about … Continue reading Notes from Rata Novus: Part Three



RATA NOVUS LOG—ENTRY #09 They trampled Plant! Those monsters! I knew my days of solitude were numbered here, but I didn’t think they were this numbered. Word of Rata Novus’s discovery must have hit Rata Sum. Asura are pouring in like migrating dolyaks, although most dolyaks I know have better manners! How many times … Continue reading NOTES FROM RATA NOVUS, PART TWO

Notes from Rata Novus, Part One  by Taimi on July 13, 2016 RATA NOVUS LOG—ENTRY #08 This is bliss! I have to admit, when the commander left with the others, I was a tiny bit nervous about staying here by myself, but what a dream this turned out to be! I haven’t slept in a week, and I don’t want … Continue reading Notes from Rata Novus, Part One

Marjory’s Story: The Last Straw

Part 1 The boy couldn't have been older than eighteen. A pool of blood reflected the lights of Divinity’s Reach, and his death rattle still echoed back and forth between my ears. I stated the obvious, "You killed him." "I did my job." Ministry Guard Henrick Baker had moved in so close I could smell … Continue reading Marjory’s Story: The Last Straw

Canach’s Story: An After-Hours Meeting

Provisional Junior Executive Blingg scowled as he stomped up the path to his front door. To call his company living quarters “modest” was far too generous. “Hovel-rific” was how he thought of it. The Consortium provided accommodations for its employees based on their previous year’s performance, and by all accounts Blingg’s previous year warranted not … Continue reading Canach’s Story: An After-Hours Meeting

Braham’s Story

Seven-year-old Braham stood with his back to the corner, heart hammering. Hands behind his back, he clenched them, nails digging into his palms. His eyes burned with unshed tears. The shaman had arrived and was bending over the sickbed, preparing Borje the Sun Chaser, Braham’s father, for his final journey. The shaman’s quiet song-of-sending rose … Continue reading Braham’s Story

Mr. Sparkles, A Tale of the Asura

“Flummox, are you awake?” said Sareb. “Do I look awake?” said the asura, popping open one eye. The male sylvari watched the artificer sternly, as if suspecting a trap. At last he nodded. “Yes.” “Then I must be awake.” Flummox let out a deep, frustrated sigh. “Why aren’t we moving?” “There’s a problem.” “The wagon … Continue reading Mr. Sparkles, A Tale of the Asura

A short story – The Family Business – Halloween

The Family Business by John Ryan on October 17, 2013 By the third night, the mob around Castle Thorn had grown so thick that their bonfires reached the river, making a constellation of pyres that stretched as far as King Oswald Thorn could see. “I swore my sandwich trees would’ve been the answer to this … Continue reading A short story – The Family Business – Halloween