I am now a proud owner of the Eternal Title, Woop!

I have been after this title for a few months now. I have always been scared of Sabetha, but the more I went and killed her the more fluid the fight became. I used to mess up the bombs and panic when I had one, but now I am a lot more confident! So as I … Continue reading I am now a proud owner of the Eternal Title, Woop!


Sabetha Kill & New Raid Portal

Monday night my raid team managed to Kill Sabetha for the first time as a team. A couple of us have gone out and got kills on our own; some own an Eternal title and some are still new to raiding and are still working though the wings. We were missing two members as they … Continue reading Sabetha Kill & New Raid Portal

Guild Wars 2 this week

I’ve have quite a jam-packed week this week! Monday night for the first time in ages, the raid group I raid with managed to kill VG within 20 mins, for a number of weeks we have struggled with VG and to this day I do not know why as we were all very capable of … Continue reading Guild Wars 2 this week