Virtual vs Reality

I often find myself daydreaming at my work desk and wishing to be at home gaming, but is this due to boredom at my job or an unhealthy interest in my virtual world? When I’m home I game a lot, I get sucked into the virtual world. I probably game a bit too much and … Continue reading Virtual vs Reality


Nightfall – Abaddon For a year been working through the guild wars original game. Started with Prophecies, then Factions and now Nightfall. It was at a slow pace, but since situations have changed, I bashed out the last remaining nightfall missions in one sitting. I had to call upon an old friend to help me with Gate of … Continue reading Nightfall – Abaddon

Why Is Gaming a Positive Element in Life?

Quote from Suckstobeyourgirl I had a load of questions playing around my head about statistics of gaming and i found it quite hard to find straight forward concise answers to these questions. So i decided to create an info-graphic which was simple and to the point yet graphically beautiful, so i created this along side … Continue reading Why Is Gaming a Positive Element in Life?