Gaming and Autism

I have been exploring my most likely, unhealthy, gaming hobby and what it means for me. Its only been in the last 2 weeks a professional planted a seed in my head. He said he sees Autistic traits in me, by the way I say things, what I do and feel. He thinks I have … Continue reading Gaming and Autism


Salvation Pass is Live

A new raid wing, Salvation Pass, is now available to play! The search for a missing Pact leader continues as you and your allies venture deeper into the Forsaken Thicket. Strange magical energy has run amok, and long-hidden mysteries wait to be brought to light. Wild Magic You won’t get far as long as Slothasor … Continue reading Salvation Pass is Live

Colin Jahanson Leaves ANet

This is a direct copy and paste from the Reddit post made by: Mike-OBrien-ArenaNet Hi Reddit, I’m here today to answer some questions and to share some news. The news is that I’m taking over as the game director of Guild Wars 2 for a while. Colin will be leaving us. Colin is a personal friend, … Continue reading Colin Jahanson Leaves ANet


Gaming addiction or excessive gameplay?

So, I have been thinking a lot about this a lot for a little while and although I feel I do not sit with an addiction I actually do share some of the symptoms. I would imagine a lot of us do. My boyfriend tells me I am addicted to the stupid game (he means … Continue reading Gaming addiction or excessive gameplay?