I am a Scrub

I have been playing PvP in season 5, even after making my back piece, I have decided to carry on occasionally to work my towards the end chest, just because "why not". My rating fluctuates between bronze and silver and at the moment on a bit of a losing streak, and you know what? I … Continue reading I am a Scrub


So, I made Nevermore..!

I finished of Nevermore at the weekend. This is the first 2nd Gen Legendary I have made since HoT was released. Nevermore was always on the back burner, I originally started making it as I wanted to proc those large birds with my thief on large hit boxes as a novelty thing, but I have … Continue reading So, I made Nevermore..!

We are going north!, getting a new Fractal & a quaggan shield? CoooOOOoooo

A Crack in the Ice, is coming next Monday, November 21st 16 My favourite areas in Guild Wars 2 are the Shiverpeak areas, the snow covered landscapes are pretty and bright and I generally like being there, but the best map in the area by far is Timberline Falls. I have always admired the amazing … Continue reading We are going north!, getting a new Fractal & a quaggan shield? CoooOOOoooo


I Did it!! I made Meteorlogicus!

I have been working on the collection for Storm for what seems like ages. Tier 1 and 2 were ok to do in terms of in-game items to collect and people to talk to, places to visit etc. The cost was not to bad as I spent a lot of time farming the materials myself. That's … Continue reading I Did it!! I made Meteorlogicus!


Mystic Clover Misery

I have been quiet the past week or so as I have been really busy working on PvP and the fractal backpack. So this weekend I finally crafted my fractal backpack. I bitched about the mystic forge recipe on Reddit, but I don’t think people quite got what I was trying to say. I personally … Continue reading Mystic Clover Misery


Ad Infinitum!

I have a frustrating and expensive journey ahead of me… This weekend I finished the tier 3 collection for Ad Infinitum, I should have done this a lot sooner, but I really couldn’t be bothered with the fractals in the state they were in before the Spring 2016 patch. Since then ANET have updated the … Continue reading Ad Infinitum!


Work on new legendary weapons suspended

Quote from Mike O Brien, President -- ArenaNet http://i.imgur.com/GhasSrs.png   https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/game/gw2/Legendary-weapons-6