GW2 Halloween 2017

Well…. Halloween shocked the GW2 community this year didn’t it?! I think we were all expecting a rehash again this year, but nope….. ANet decided to surprise us : ) Not only did they add gliding and mounts to the labyrinth, they brought back the Mad Memoires backpack and revamped it a little, introduced a … Continue reading GW2 Halloween 2017


Halloween – DR removed from Labyrinth, bosses buffed!

Halloween was released Tuesday 18th October - I was really looking forward to grinding some bags for new rewards and Guild Hall decorations, it has been a bit lacklustre so far.  But............ .I woke up this morning to the best news ever!!!!! I never though I would see this day, where they would just allow me … Continue reading Halloween – DR removed from Labyrinth, bosses buffed!

Halloween Is Coming! –

The veil between worlds grows thin, and Halloween is almost here... Source: Halloween Is Coming! –



I have been a little busy today with my Skritt winnings.


A short story – The Family Business – Halloween

The Family Business by John Ryan on October 17, 2013 By the third night, the mob around Castle Thorn had grown so thick that their bonfires reached the river, making a constellation of pyres that stretched as far as King Oswald Thorn could see. “I swore my sandwich trees would’ve been the answer to this … Continue reading A short story – The Family Business – Halloween