Leaks, Speculation & Reddit

This past few weeks Reddit has seen quite a bit of: leaks, spoilers and speculation. Some were welcomed by the community where others were shot down as fake within seconds. The biggest one was a screenshot of an area speculated to be the new expansion pack, I am not going to link it as I … Continue reading Leaks, Speculation & Reddit


Ring of Fire Islands

Nice, so it looks like we are going to get to go back to the Ring Of Fire Islands from the original GW1 prophecies campaign. I remember going here and I cannot wait!!! Also looks like my prediction of the 2nd release being the 20th September was also correct 🙂 William Murphy from MMORPG interviewed ANet at … Continue reading Ring of Fire Islands

GW2’s Gaile Gray got hacked :(

Oh dear, Gaile grays account got hacked. Link to Reddit post Here linking the official statement by MO (Mike O'Brien) luckily enough her GW2 account and all her GM settings remain in tact, but due to the original Guild Wars game having older technology the hacker managed to get access to this and cause a little mess. … Continue reading GW2’s Gaile Gray got hacked ðŸ˜¦

Nightfall – Abaddon

http://i.imgur.com/gTyuaKX.jpg For a year been working through the guild wars original game. Started with Prophecies, then Factions and now Nightfall. It was at a slow pace, but since situations have changed, I bashed out the last remaining nightfall missions in one sitting. I had to call upon an old friend to help me with Gate of … Continue reading Nightfall – Abaddon

Guild Wars 1 – Fun Facts

You can be level one at Ring of Fire. Insignias can only be attached to Elonian armor/weapons. Ghost-in-the-boxes and Snowman summoners can have a purpose---when they disappear after being activated, they trigger Necromancers' Soul Reaping primary attribute. If correctly timed, your Necromancer can get an energy boost when you need it for some reason. These … Continue reading Guild Wars 1 – Fun Facts

Guild Wars 1 Lore

Guild Wars – Lore You can download the Guild Wars manuscripts from the website. Prophecies have two books and it explains what happened prior to the release of the game and how it all started. The other manuscripts are an overview of the characters and basic story. I definitely recommend reading the prophecies manuscript. I … Continue reading Guild Wars 1 Lore