How important are guilds in GW2?

I came across a post yesterday morning on my routine coffee Reddit browse. It piqued my interest - for me guilds are an important part of my gaming. This reddit post was about the recent AMA and it shared a post from the official forums. The AMA confirmed that ANet no longer have a guild … Continue reading How important are guilds in GW2?


GW2 – my world, my progress, my view

In Last night’s raid we got a PUG in for our gorse kill as a team member had to leave. At the end the PUG said “oh it’s so nice to join a group that knows what it’s doing, really refreshing” this pleased me when he said this as I was that person not so … Continue reading GW2 – my world, my progress, my view

Do I need a new guild?

As per the title, People have stopped logging in as much and those that do log in don’t really chat in guild much, some do not rep and as a guild the members rarely do anything together. It is such a shame this has happened as things were great for some time and I loved … Continue reading Do I need a new guild?


I found a new guild!

I have been in a guild called “Keepers of the Shadows” [KoS] as an alliance member for a little while now as I raid with a few of their members. This week I joined them as a permanent member. For some considerable amount of time, I have been searching for a guild that offers the … Continue reading I found a new guild!