GW2 my story

Anyone that follows this blog will know that I am completely and utterly addicted to GW2, that I am enthusiastic about it and heck I even have a blog about what I do in the game. Guild Wars 2 has been a huge part of my spare time over the past 5 years and it … Continue reading GW2 my story


Migraine Achievement – GW2 Heart of Thorns

Migraine achievement turned out to be just a minor headache!! I pugged this achievement Sunday afternoon as last time I tried this with a guild group, but it couldn't cope with the conditions as soon as Eir started firing her arrows and I haven’t bothered since. This pug group had decent players and we all … Continue reading Migraine Achievement – GW2 Heart of Thorns

Mike O’Brien – 20 years of gaming

PC Gamer celebrated Blizzards 20th anniversary in April. There is a 2 part story and the first one can be found here PC Gamer looked at what people have been involved and what they have gone off to do around the industry. The full sized infographic can be seen here  (much easier to read) In … Continue reading Mike O’Brien – 20 years of gaming