A GW2 Monument

Normally over the Christmas period I would be gaming non stop. Farming what I can. It was a bit different for me this year, I got a phone call on Christmas Eve to tell me that my Dad died that morning, I was in a fractal with my guild at the time. 😦 I just … Continue reading A GW2 Monument


Guild Hall plans

I currently have the lost precipice guild hall which is built to a modest level of 24. A lot of the funding came from personal investment and my two alt accounts as they were holding onto quite a few items in material storage. Some also came from past friends/guildies before the guild disbanded. Some have … Continue reading Guild Hall plans

Day Six Guild Hall Statistics

Guild Halls have been in game now for about six days. Here are some statistic so far: 1) Lost Precipice has been captured 1465 times 2) Gilded Hollow has been captured 2751 times 3) The very first guild hall to be captured is Lost Precipice Quite impressive stats - link here