GW2 – Further Gambling Confessions

So…   I have been a bad girl! Several weeks back I wrote that I got addicted to Gambling Ecto on Guild Wars 2. In this blog I mentioned I won big and treated myself to a few shinies. I also mentioned I lost a fair bit and I was to give up and concentrate … Continue reading GW2 – Further Gambling Confessions


Bunny Ears Return

By popular demand, the Black Lion Trading Company has retrieved a lost box of these floppy costume ears from deep within the vault. Finally! We have been waiting for these babies to be re-released for ever!!!!!!!!

How gems work

When a person pays cash for gems, gems are created and put into the economy. That person has three choices as to what they want to do with those gems: spend them in the gemstore, save them, or convert them to gold. Very straightforward. When a person pays in-game gold for gems, gems are not … Continue reading How gems work


Gem Store Money Doesn’t go to ANet

Quote From Dontain The game is obviously lacking substantial & compelling content to keep it alive with future sales. WTF are you doing 8 months after the launch NCsoft? $140M+ income in 2012...seriously. I'm tired of the uninteresting responses I get from GuildCast and other weekly GW2 podcasts/vidcasts on this topic. Staying conservative so you … Continue reading Gem Store Money Doesn’t go to ANet