GW2 – Deleting my addiction

So this morning I decided I had enough, I finally bit the bullet and deleted the thing that makes my gameplay frustrating and no longer enjoyable. I finally deleted it!


GW2 – Further Gambling Confessions

So…   I have been a bad girl! Several weeks back I wrote that I got addicted to Gambling Ecto on Guild Wars 2. In this blog I mentioned I won big and treated myself to a few shinies. I also mentioned I lost a fair bit and I was to give up and concentrate … Continue reading GW2 – Further Gambling Confessions


This morning I spent a bit of time with the Skritt in lions arch. I had an initial outlay of 500 ecto and 300 gold. Luck appears to be on my side as I have just walked away with 1k ecto, 2.5k gold and enough matts to make a mystic forge conduit. Oh!.....   … Continue reading Gambling