Fun Facts

Found some facts. Some could be "arguable" I found these really interesting regardless Grenth was born as a half-god, son of Goddess Dwayna and a human sculptor (presumed to be Malchor). He ascended to full godhood after sealing the previous God of Death, Dhuum. Male Charrs have a lion-like tail and Female Charrs have a … Continue reading Fun Facts


Guild Wars 1 – Fun Facts

You can be level one at Ring of Fire. Insignias can only be attached to Elonian armor/weapons. Ghost-in-the-boxes and Snowman summoners can have a purpose---when they disappear after being activated, they trigger Necromancers' Soul Reaping primary attribute. If correctly timed, your Necromancer can get an energy boost when you need it for some reason. These … Continue reading Guild Wars 1 – Fun Facts