We are going north!, getting a new Fractal & a quaggan shield? CoooOOOoooo

A Crack in the Ice, is coming next Monday, November 21st 16 My favourite areas in Guild Wars 2 are the Shiverpeak areas, the snow covered landscapes are pretty and bright and I generally like being there, but the best map in the area by far is Timberline Falls. I have always admired the amazing … Continue reading We are going north!, getting a new Fractal & a quaggan shield? CoooOOOoooo


A fractal Polish 

In the last patch we had an overhaul on how the fractal system worked - changing the way the entry window works, so you more easily see what are daily, how much AR you need and what mistlock will be thrown into the mix. The AR system was changed and updated so you could more … Continue reading A fractal Polish 

Guild Wars 2 is finally getting new content – Woooooop!

Last night Mike O'Brien posted on the official forums he had just signed off Living World season 3 and he does not have a release date yet. When I read this my heart sank a little. I was hoping for a decent patch today. But whilst sitting at work I decided to load up Reddit … Continue reading Guild Wars 2 is finally getting new content – Woooooop!


Ad Infinitum!

I have a frustrating and expensive journey ahead of me… This weekend I finished the tier 3 collection for Ad Infinitum, I should have done this a lot sooner, but I really couldn’t be bothered with the fractals in the state they were in before the Spring 2016 patch. Since then ANET have updated the … Continue reading Ad Infinitum!


Dungeons & Fractals – Post patch (19.04.16)

So, the big patch hit GW2 this week and it was really refreshing to see some changes that made a difference to 5 man content.   Dungeons They have been abandoned for some time now, and although there isn't a dedicated team for maintaining, upgrading and improving them, ArenaNet have made some changes to bring … Continue reading Dungeons & Fractals – Post patch (19.04.16)


Upcoming changes in Spring Quarterly Update

If you haven't already done your core and casual fractal hero achievements do them now. I am hoping the changes for fractals are what's needed to stop people just doing 3 swamps for daily. I am quite excited about scribing. I don't mind forking out a few hundred gold to level my scribing. Good move … Continue reading Upcoming changes in Spring Quarterly Update


Brazil on the state of fractals

Here ya go guys, he is basically saying what I have been.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMxrq_0mDvI