New Fractal 25.07.17!!

Nothing much else to say, the video as far as I can see is all that's said about it.


Notes from Rata Novus: Part Three

I am unsure if this is the last in little stories from Taimi, but she is so cute. This bit of the story released by ArenaNet is very interesting indeed! 😮 RATA NOVUS LOG—ENTRY #17 You know what, journal? These Rata Novans might have been onto something. There’s a primal pleasantness I’m feeling about … Continue reading Notes from Rata Novus: Part Three

Ad Infinitum!

I have a frustrating and expensive journey ahead of me… This weekend I finished the tier 3 collection for Ad Infinitum, I should have done this a lot sooner, but I really couldn’t be bothered with the fractals in the state they were in before the Spring 2016 patch. Since then ANET have updated the … Continue reading Ad Infinitum!