Wintersday – OMG Anet <3

So wintersday hit us yesterday and oh boy did it hit us, if you were in my guild discord you would have heard my full on girlie screeching, squealing and “oh my God” words of excitement. My guild leader promptly decorated the guild hall with the new decorations; there are HUGE presents everywhere, yukky snow … Continue reading Wintersday – OMG Anet ❤


Halloween – DR removed from Labyrinth, bosses buffed!

Halloween was released Tuesday 18th October - I was really looking forward to grinding some bags for new rewards and Guild Hall decorations, it has been a bit lacklustre so far.  But............ .I woke up this morning to the best news ever!!!!! I never though I would see this day, where they would just allow me … Continue reading Halloween – DR removed from Labyrinth, bosses buffed!