Path of Fire so far

I had to return to work, just before this weekend following some time off to play Path of Fire. #FeelsBadMan… I literally bummed out on the PC all day for days, and I rarely got dressed (don’t judge :p). I had already prewarned my boyfriend and son that I have booked time off work and … Continue reading Path of Fire so far


ANet Dev leak?

Ok, we all know about the leaks that have been happening over the past several months. Some got me excited and some I thought were “too Leaky” I see nothing wrong in a little bit of info being leaked to add power to the hype train, some of those leaks came in at the right … Continue reading ANet Dev leak?

Expansion and the Leaks

So.... This week has been quite eventful hasn't it. We get given a load of leaks, Legendary armor,  the next episode of living story and Expansion has been confirmed for this year. We have even had an enemy boob request! Lets quickly move onto and leave the "Leaks" I must admit I do like the … Continue reading Expansion and the Leaks


GW2HoT is 1 year old!

I think everyone in the GW2 community was looking forward to this expansion. It was the first expansion of the game and took them 3 years for it to go on sale. You could buy the expansion at 3 different levels. I chose ultimate as I probably would have bought some gems along the way so … Continue reading GW2HoT is 1 year old!


Leaks, Speculation & Reddit

This past few weeks Reddit has seen quite a bit of: leaks, spoilers and speculation. Some were welcomed by the community where others were shot down as fake within seconds. The biggest one was a screenshot of an area speculated to be the new expansion pack, I am not going to link it as I … Continue reading Leaks, Speculation & Reddit


Gliders and Gliding

Since Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns release in 26th Oct 2015 the game has seen a total 19 gliders. (Not including the basic glider and two from Legendary Backpacks) Some of these gliders were also wrapped up in expensive 2k gem packages, but most cost between 400 and 500 gems.   My Calculations show … Continue reading Gliders and Gliding