Path of Fire so far

I had to return to work, just before this weekend following some time off to play Path of Fire. #FeelsBadMan… I literally bummed out on the PC all day for days, and I rarely got dressed (don’t judge :p). I had already prewarned my boyfriend and son that I have booked time off work and … Continue reading Path of Fire so far


Path of fire 22.09.17 GW2 expansion pack 2

OMG the announcement was totally out of this world, it blew my mind!!!! Everything you need to know is on the official expansion pack website, all the classes, mounts and pictures!!!! Watch it here: Announcing Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Prepurchase Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Dulfy has done a very good summary on Reddit!! Expansion will … Continue reading Path of fire 22.09.17 GW2 expansion pack 2

Meet The Druid

Speak Softly Carrying their staff into battle, the druid bears the duty of sustaining their allies through overwhelming danger. To achieve this aim, each staff skill can be beneficially used to bolster the druid’s allies. Closer to the Stars The druid elite specialization grants a ranger the capacity to draw astral force to themselves. Once … Continue reading Meet The Druid