Living story 3, ep6 datamine and hints 

Courtesy of That Shaman THANK THE SIX for the reveal!! I started running ...  


Girl Gamer Gone Wild

Anyone else that is familiar with That_Shaman' data-mining will know after each patch he efficiently goes through a lot of data to allow us to preview upcoming items. Sometimes the items mined cause speculation, some are quite boring and some I am still waiting for, like - guild upgrade cost refund in particular! Well this … Continue reading Girl Gamer Gone Wild

Data Mining – What wasn’t implemented in 2015

This is a direct copy and paste from That Shaman's Reddit post. I do not take any credit for his amazing work!! Everything is all in one place and it is quite interesting to see what was data mined through out the year that never actually made it to the game. Are these gone for … Continue reading Data Mining – What wasn’t implemented in 2015