CoT – Wintersday Contest 2017 (Closed, my entry)

This Christmas period Chronicles of Tyria ran a competition. Now the competition is closed I have pasted my entry below. Good luck everyone! I will eagerly be crossing my fingers and toes for that much wanted swag!! I  decided to rewrite the We Three Kings carol based on Norns. (don't forget to sing as you … Continue reading CoT – Wintersday Contest 2017 (Closed, my entry)


Mountgate Madness 07.11.17

It all kicked off last night and a lot of the community are not really angry at Arena Net, but disappointed and I am one of them. Before I start, I want to put it out there I am not against spending in the Gem Store. I buy quite a lot. I’ve purchased: glider skins, … Continue reading Mountgate Madness 07.11.17

How important are guilds in GW2?

I came across a post yesterday morning on my routine coffee Reddit browse. It piqued my interest - for me guilds are an important part of my gaming. This reddit post was about the recent AMA and it shared a post from the official forums. The AMA confirmed that ANet no longer have a guild … Continue reading How important are guilds in GW2?


Gw2 Dragon Lore Book

Yesterday I was browsing through Google Plus and come across this baby. It got really good responses from Reddit, when I share it. Definitely worth a read and don't forget to thank the creator and not me as I merely shared it.