I have won a Charr Plushie!!!

Thanks Dragon Season for contacting me to let me know I am a winner of a Charr Plushie Congratulations! You've won an elusive and incredibly cuddly Charr Plushie in our competition! If you reply to this email with your address, I'll send you the charr plushie as soon as I can. I really liked Scarlet, and … Continue reading I have won a Charr Plushie!!!


Charr Lore

Appearance: Charr are large, hulking creatures with a feline appearance. Fur covers their entire body and their natural coloration/patterns seem to mimic those of the great cats. They have a mane that runs down the back of their necks. Other similarities include an elongated muzzle, catlike eyes, and claws on their paws. Significant differences between … Continue reading Charr Lore