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Asura Lore

History of the Asura: Prior to their appearance on the surface of Tyria in 1078 AE, the asura were a subterranean race. The awakening of the Great Destroyer, Primordus’ champion, forced the asura to abandon their underground cities. These cities were connected via a central hub of asura gates built immediately above the dormant Great … Continue reading Asura Lore

Human Lore

Appearance: Humans look like… well, humans! The Guild Wars 2 Wiki page has a preview of visual details to give you an idea of what the human options will look like. Family History: Kryta may be the only human nation left/accessible, but much of its now-citizens came there as refugees from other places many generations … Continue reading Human Lore


Norn Lore

Appearance Norn are very humanoid in appearance; in fact, the only visible difference between the norn and humans in terms of physiology is size. A norn is several heads taller than their human counterparts, and their huge frames usually sport large, muscled limbs. Commonly, norn are also heavier-set; the increased fat stores may be evolutionary … Continue reading Norn Lore


Sylvari Lore

Appearance and Physiology The look of a sylvari is that of a plant-like humanoid. Sylvari are grown from a tree, and while their form mimics that of a human, upon closer inspection is it clear that it is only mimicry. They all grow in a way that takes the shape of facial features or limbs, … Continue reading Sylvari Lore


Charr Lore

Appearance: Charr are large, hulking creatures with a feline appearance. Fur covers their entire body and their natural coloration/patterns seem to mimic those of the great cats. They have a mane that runs down the back of their necks. Other similarities include an elongated muzzle, catlike eyes, and claws on their paws. Significant differences between … Continue reading Charr Lore