A Crack in the Ice

So, Episode 3 has finally hit us after another long wait. I still don't like the way season 3 is being released, I feel the wait is so long. To quote the story journal. Braham has gone after Svanir in the Shiverpeaks. What better opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: Recruit him to … Continue reading A Crack in the Ice


A Little tribute to Eir Stegalkin

Eir Died when HoT was released, so I mark her death as 26th October, a bit like I marked the death of scarlet as 4th March. In the below video you will see the Death of Eir and a few clips I have recorded in the remembrance dialog in-game from Living Story S3 patch. https://youtu.be/po9FlDiF6EUContinue reading A Little tribute to Eir Stegalkin