GW2 Efficiency – April Fools

My account on gw2 efficiency has been converted to gw1 lol. I am now valued in ectoplasm and platinum. My charecters classes have been renamed to suit gw1. My guardians are now monks, my thief is an assassin, my engineers are commando's (gw1 April fools I believe?) and the revenant is a dervish.   


Early April Fools? Super Adventure Box

A website called GW2 effiency, that is largely used by the guild wars 2 community has had some achievements added in the festivals section. Is this a cruel April Fools or is this a genuine API update? I guess only time will tell, but the Tyrian community are now again on hype overdrive as the … Continue reading Early April Fools? Super Adventure Box

SAB (Super Adventure Box) has been confirmed as coming back!

There was a bit of a hype on Reddit today as a dev has been responding to forums threads confirming that SAB is coming back. I guess its on the table, and they will release it when they feel fit as they still haven't committed to a date...   Forum link here Reddit link here


Super Adventure Box

OMG! How have I missed out on this, I really wish it would come back soon as I was a noob when it got re-released in Sept 14