ANet Dev leak?

Ok, we all know about the leaks that have been happening over the past several months. Some got me excited and some I thought were “too Leaky” I see nothing wrong in a little bit of info being leaked to add power to the hype train, some of those leaks came in at the right … Continue reading ANet Dev leak?


GW2’s Gaile Gray got hacked :(

Oh dear, Gaile grays account got hacked. Link to Reddit post Here linking the official statement by MO (Mike O'Brien) luckily enough her GW2 account and all her GM settings remain in tact, but due to the original Guild Wars game having older technology the hacker managed to get access to this and cause a little mess. … Continue reading GW2’s Gaile Gray got hacked 😦

Thank you ANet!!!

Last weekend I did something stupid.   I was gearing my Rev out for some mid tier fractals, happily going along sticking my Versatile Agony Infusions onto my weapons and trinkets. Ding... Got my desired AR but something was odd. Something was different and I couldn't work out what it was. It then occurred to me … Continue reading Thank you ANet!!!


Gem Store Money Doesn’t go to ANet

Quote From Dontain The game is obviously lacking substantial & compelling content to keep it alive with future sales. WTF are you doing 8 months after the launch NCsoft? $140M+ income in 2012...seriously. I'm tired of the uninteresting responses I get from GuildCast and other weekly GW2 podcasts/vidcasts on this topic. Staying conservative so you … Continue reading Gem Store Money Doesn’t go to ANet