Moving on to Aurora

This week I finished all my hot collections, it was painful, but a grind well worth it in my opinion! I am now the proud owner of the Luminates backplate, that actually goes really well with my colour scheme so I'm keeping it on and the Mini Chak : ) I got most of my … Continue reading Moving on to Aurora


Super Adventure Box 2017

Super Adventure Box is back!! I got all excited, I bought the glider and the mini's and set out to finish what I started last year. Last year was the first proper shot at S.A.B and I have to complete world 1 and 2 in both normal and infantile. I only managed to get world … Continue reading Super Adventure Box 2017

I Did it!! I made Meteorlogicus!

I have been working on the collection for Storm for what seems like ages. Tier 1 and 2 were ok to do in terms of in-game items to collect and people to talk to, places to visit etc. The cost was not to bad as I spent a lot of time farming the materials myself. That's … Continue reading I Did it!! I made Meteorlogicus!


Spirit of the Tiger

I did this Achievement this morning. A little delayed than planned. The Dulfy guide I used said to have the Legendary short bow collection open too as some of the areas you visit are for that collection. Spirit of the Tiger is an Explorer achievement that requires the player to find eleven tiger dens throughout … Continue reading Spirit of the Tiger


Course Load – SAB

Complete the Course Work achievement eight times over the course of Super Adventure Festival. The Course Work achievement is located in the Super Adventure Box: Daily tab. 8  Days have passed! I have completed my dailies each day and now have been rewarded with the Kasier weapon box from SAB. The best part is … Continue reading Course Load – SAB


The Longest Glide achievement

Was fun - was a nice peaceful achievement to do!