Moving on to Aurora

This week I finished all my hot collections, it was painful, but a grind well worth it in my opinion! I am now the proud owner of the Luminates backplate, that actually goes really well with my colour scheme so I'm keeping it on and the Mini Chak : ) I got most of my … Continue reading Moving on to Aurora


Preparations for GW2PoF (finishing HoT)

As the release of the new expansion pack is relatively close I thought I would go back and finish those HoT Collections I had abandoned. I had done most of the achievements in HoT, but always planned to finish some armour, Machined Weapons , Order backpacks, Luminates backplate, Chak and Auric weapon collections. I have … Continue reading Preparations for GW2PoF (finishing HoT)

DPS Meters and Current Events!

I woke up this morning to find that Bhagawan, who is the owner of BGDM got banned from Guildwars2 for developing software that was continuously breaching ANet’s ToS. This actually isn’t what drove me to right this blog post. I took a little back step from raiding recently as I wanted to concentrate of other … Continue reading DPS Meters and Current Events!

GW2 PoF BETA weekend 11.08.17 (SPOILERS)

Overall, I enjoyed the few hours I had there. Wasn't much to do once you did a few events, did the race and explored every nook and cranny I could. I swam in the sea, climbed pyramids, killed a legendary giant fruit and died many times! Here is my album of where I ran around. … Continue reading GW2 PoF BETA weekend 11.08.17 (SPOILERS)

Path of fire 22.09.17 GW2 expansion pack 2

OMG the announcement was totally out of this world, it blew my mind!!!! Everything you need to know is on the official expansion pack website, all the classes, mounts and pictures!!!! Watch it here: Announcing Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Prepurchase Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Dulfy has done a very good summary on Reddit!! Expansion will … Continue reading Path of fire 22.09.17 GW2 expansion pack 2

Message from the game director MO

Hi, all, The release of “One Path Ends” concludes a full year of live updates and a full season of Living World. As we wrap up the season, I want to take a moment to celebrate the journey we’ve been on together this year. Guild Wars 2‘s content model is all about exciting events happening … Continue reading Message from the game director MO

Watch the Trailer for “One Path Ends” –

Wooooo! The Living World Season 3 finale is almost here! Source: Watch the Trailer for “One Path Ends” – Reddit post