GW2PoF, Daybreak & Xmas on the way

I can't believe it's been a month since posting, I have slowly been working through the PoF map achievements but I think I may have been too slow and now I regret doing them as slow as I did. They are no where near completed and now I have living Story, season 4... I know … Continue reading GW2PoF, Daybreak & Xmas on the way


Wooden Potatoes video competition

For those that are not aware WP has been running a competition for several weeks. Please check out his site - I most likely would have entered a video of some sort regardless of the prize funds as Guild Wars 2 is my passion and I love the passion Wooden Potatoes has for the … Continue reading Wooden Potatoes video competition

Path of fire 22.09.17 GW2 expansion pack 2

OMG the announcement was totally out of this world, it blew my mind!!!! Everything you need to know is on the official expansion pack website, all the classes, mounts and pictures!!!! Watch it here: Announcing Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Prepurchase Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Dulfy has done a very good summary on Reddit!! Expansion will … Continue reading Path of fire 22.09.17 GW2 expansion pack 2

Short Story – A Christmas Carol “Tyria Style”

Dragon Season are running a competition at the moment and I re wrote the Christmas Carol and based it in Tyria as a short story. I am not much of a story writer but I like what I came up with. Although I had taken a famous story and re wrote certain bits I had … Continue reading Short Story – A Christmas Carol “Tyria Style”