NCSOFT 2016 Q3 Earnings Report

Woke up to a post on Reddit this morning sharing ArenaNet's sales figures and notes from a conference call to suggest they are focusing on expansion pack 2 Professor_Retro wrote - Once again, here's some perspective on the game's quarterly performance since launch. Q216 was previously the game's worst quarter, but as Q316 is slightly … Continue reading NCSOFT 2016 Q3 Earnings Report


How does one “git gud?”

You see this statement a lot in MMO’s and I have always wondered what actually makes an average player like me different to a very capable hard-core player that belong to elite guilds such as: DnT, KING, qT? I used to think I had an idea of what the differences were, but I decided to … Continue reading How does one “git gud?”

If you only knew this!

Purchase your gathering items asap. That’s a pick, an axe and a sickle that only cost a few copper and allow you to loot resource nodes. There’s an option “melee targeting assistance” or similar that prohibits you from walking through enemies. It might be better to turn it off, depending on your preference. Type in … Continue reading If you only knew this!

DEkeyz DPS Calculator

DEKeyz decided to share her DPS calculator on Reddit. She also released a video guide on how to use it. The calculator is saved here: DEKeyZ wrote: The calc is designed so that a user can input equipment, traits, and rotations (from a dictionary of almost 800) and the sheet will calculate DPS, healing … Continue reading DEkeyz DPS Calculator

Pocket Raptors – deaths

Notes on guild bestiary are out. Full notes on one patsed below, but my favourite quote is this. Pocket Raptors, inspiration? How many player deaths are the pocket raptors responsible for? Pocket raptors were responsible for 1.2 million player deaths so far. They were based on the raptors in Jurassic Park.