Moving on to Aurora

This week I finished all my hot collections, it was painful, but a grind well worth it in my opinion! I am now the proud owner of the Luminates backplate, that actually goes really well with my colour scheme so I'm keeping it on and the Mini Chak : ) I got most of my … Continue reading Moving on to Aurora


Wintersday Guild Hall Dec’s VS Halloween ££

This morning I started to jot down what the snowpile requirements were needed for the new Guild Hall decorations. I have a few already including the reindeer, thank goodness! - as when I jotted them down I saw that it amounted to 193 snowpiles.  This is a whopping 19,300 snowflakes.  This was for quite a modest … Continue reading Wintersday Guild Hall Dec’s VS Halloween ££

Girl Gamer Gone Wild

Anyone else that is familiar with That_Shaman' data-mining will know after each patch he efficiently goes through a lot of data to allow us to preview upcoming items. Sometimes the items mined cause speculation, some are quite boring and some I am still waiting for, like - guild upgrade cost refund in particular! Well this … Continue reading Girl Gamer Gone Wild