CoT – Wintersday Contest 2017 (Closed, my entry)

This Christmas period Chronicles of Tyria ran a competition. Now the competition is closed I have pasted my entry below. Good luck everyone! I will eagerly be crossing my fingers and toes for that much wanted swag!! I  decided to rewrite the We Three Kings carol based on Norns. (don't forget to sing as you … Continue reading CoT – Wintersday Contest 2017 (Closed, my entry)


Wooden Potatoes video competition

For those that are not aware WP has been running a competition for several weeks. Please check out his site - I most likely would have entered a video of some sort regardless of the prize funds as Guild Wars 2 is my passion and I love the passion Wooden Potatoes has for the … Continue reading Wooden Potatoes video competition

I have won a Charr Plushie!!!

Thanks Dragon Season for contacting me to let me know I am a winner of a Charr Plushie Congratulations! You've won an elusive and incredibly cuddly Charr Plushie in our competition! If you reply to this email with your address, I'll send you the charr plushie as soon as I can. I really liked Scarlet, and … Continue reading I have won a Charr Plushie!!!

I have given up all hope – GW2 Raiding

I have casually been raiding since around Feb 16 I was really driven and motivated to work through the wings, all I could think about was raiding and achieving stuff. To this day I have killed VG, Gorse, Trio & McLeod the Silent. I don’t get enough exposure on the rest and I doubt I … Continue reading I have given up all hope – GW2 Raiding