Hi – my name is Emma, I am based in the UK on the outskirts of London.

I have been gaming on and off for years. I started my journey on on consoles with an Atari, then moved onto Nintendo, Sega, playstation & Xbox.

I starting on MMO’s over 10 years ago playing Runescape and from there is where I found I had a huge attraction to the social and achievement hunting aspect of gaming.

From Runescape I moved to World of Warcraft then onto Guild Wars. I recently started to dabble on and off with other games, but my heart is in the Guild Wars brand.

I like to research information, and keep for safe keeping. I also like pictures and videos of game content.

This is what this page is. My personal storage of everything I find that I think is interesting.

If you have found this page and have found it useful that’s a good thing 🙂

Disclaimer – I am not claiming all of this this to be my own work, if you stumble across a video I have not made, please give your thanks to them if you enjoyed it. If text is from another source I will normally link the source at the bottom, although I am human and there may be the odd post forgotten



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