Black Lion key revamp

ANet you did it again. Following a nice Wintersday update you treat us to a better key system and you gave us a free key. Thank you very much!

My free key gave my scarlets rainbow skin, its really damn cool if I’m honest, but I don’t have a char build that uses a rifle – I am happy nerveless as I am a huge scarlet fan.

I suppose the biggest thing about the keys is the system overhaul that hit us yesterday. Every time you use a key to open a chest you get a black lion statuette, this works a bit like the Commemorative Sprocket, where you can save them up and buy old skins living story skins.

With the statuette it allows you to buy many things –Scraps, make over kits, wardrobe unlocks, minis, gizmo’s etc.

BUT…………….. best of all home instance node!!!!

These are only 100 statuettes so it won’t take long for all those items to come down on the TP, which I think is a good thing. I have noticed ANet are trying their hardest to give less opportunity for money to be made by hoarding or high value buying and selling and I think this is a good thing for the game.

I feel there does have to be a little balance though, there does have to be prestige stuff for people that worked hard to get a skin or stayed around since start, but this should be account bound and non-tradable. To be honest I was a little tiny bit peeved when I found out you can buy the halo and devil horns tonics with sprockets, I worked bloody hard to get both of them, but things like nodes and other bits should be more accessible.

Take a look at all the stuff you can get after saving up statues by clicking the link below –

Don’t forget you can get one free key a week from a weekly key farm, I have been doing it for years and I do this by doing the human common storyline on a guardian and now you can use mounts!

After you have got the knack of it you can do it in 20 mins or under if you are superfast.

If you’re like me with hundreds of tomes, just create a new char, use 8 tomes, do story to lvl 10, use key, and then delete and start again next week. (I savage and sell everything on that char that I can before deleting, it all adds up!) If you don’t have loads of tomes you can use a crafting guide for cooking and level up to level 10 for around 2 gold.

You can also get keys through map completion, but that’s not guaranteed, but if you’re really committed you could do a few low levels maps on the key farmer before you delete 🙂

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