Wintersday – OMG Anet <3

So wintersday hit us yesterday and oh boy did it hit us, if you were in my guild discord you would have heard my full on girlie screeching, squealing and “oh my God” words of excitement.

My guild leader promptly decorated the guild hall with the new decorations; there are HUGE presents everywhere, yukky snow (what I call as it looks like a snow pile melting) and cool little snowflake floor. If you haven’t seen them, I am not exaggerating the presents are HUGE.

Here’s how I decorated my personal guild hall.



There are new minis. I really love the frozen skitt mini (bit biased as I adore skritt) and the new angry snowball. I was lucky enough to get the angry snowball drop in a stack of presents I had stashed away from daily home instance looting : )

If you have a snowball tonic you can now upgrade it to other colours and change colour as and when you want. You purchase the colours and it unlocks a skill bar option, so yes…… you can be yellow snow.

I think the biggest change of all that really made the community happy was how they treated snowflakes. For years the snowflakes have been really fiddly and compared to Halloween presents were not as easy to farm, this has always made snowflakes a little more costly. This year there are not multiple tiers flakes there is one simple snowflake used to purchase guild hall décor or to buy the diamond for merchant items, bit like corn and cob.  You can consume all the old snowflakes stashed in your storage by right clicking them. : )

They appear to have made the farming of presents a little easier by adding different difficulty paths to the jumping puzzle.  If your good at jumping you can do the most difficult path and get 15 pressies on every finish, in under 30 mins i walked out with around 200 pressies 🙂


I can take it easy this year, I had the shoulder skin done when it first came out, and most other achievements have been ticked off. So for me I will be concentrating on doing the dailies, gifting the orphans and farming pressies to eagerly open to see if I get a good drop.

Enjoy and good luck everyone!


As usual Dulfy has her guides up and the wiki is being constantly updated.

2 thoughts on “Wintersday – OMG Anet <3

  1. KarmaKnitsLove says:

    I LOVE my Mini Gift Box Gourdon ❤ He’s soooooo cute, and hops around behind me like the present he is 🙂 Of course, I also got the Halloween version of him in the pumpkin.
    My high goal is Winter’s Presence, but it’s doubtful due to my handicap when doing jps. I’ve never gotten far in that one at all. Maybe tried once or twice last year. Haven’t been in there this year at all. The thought of having to succeed at it 3 times is daunting 😦


  2. Emmalouise says:

    omg, you should go and try. They have changed it so there are three paths easy to hard. the quaggan path I don’t think the snowfall platform fall at all so you can get used to the puzzle on the easy route. 🙂


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