GW2 memorabilia – my newest addition

Over the years I have been collecting GW2 merchandise.  Mainly because I’m a nerd, but another reason is I came to the franchise late. I saw an advert for GW1 Factions all those years back, but never committed to purchasing it and boy, did I regret that!

I am gutted that I missed GW1 in its prime and gutted I missed out on the hype to GW2 launch. My way of trying to be more connected to GW1, alongside going back and playing it, is to buy some of its merchandise.

So I gradually did.


I love my guild wars 1 stuff, so far I have only read one book and need to read the rest and all of the above are safely stored on my bookcase y my PC. Along with all the GW1 merchandise I have some GW2 stuff.

I have also entered a few competitions run by Dragon season and won a plush char and a T Shirt I managed to convince my son to buy me a blue Quaggan plush for Xmas 2015.I then went on to treat myself to the Hot Soundtrack on Vinyl and PoF is next on my list – I have just entered the Chronicles of Tyria competition in the hope for some PoF swag!

Ever since I have got into collecting a few bits I have always been in oar of the GW2 collector’s addition with all the artwork and Rytlock model, but I refuse to pay over £100 for it. This is it here so every now and then I do search Amazon and eBay in case someone is selling a used one. Well to my luck this week I found a used one on ebay for £40 plus postage so just under £50. I didn’t need to think about it, I clicked buy and paid straight away. Thursday evening I came home to work and found it sitting there waiting for me.


I never expected it to be so bit, the Rytlock model is huge and this is what it came with.

2 thoughts on “GW2 memorabilia – my newest addition

  1. Rockker66 says:

    That Rytlock figure is awesome! I’ve read all three books, but Ghosts of Ascalon has to be my favourite. I love how the Devs included some of the lore into the game so you can go to specific places and talk to some of the characters in game. The only other merch I have is a Quaggan plush.


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