GW2PoF, Daybreak & Xmas on the way

I can’t believe it’s been a month since posting, I have slowly been working through the PoF map achievements but I think I may have been too slow and now I regret doing them as slow as I did. They are no where near completed and now I have living Story, season 4… I know right? Moaning about too much to do lol.

I have already done the PoF story three times for the backpack skins and done all story achieves, bar one that’s bugged. (Pylons)

So.. I decided to take a character that hasn’t been to new maps to travel through the maps, one map at a time and explore every nook and cranny and complete the achieves before moving on – There are some things already ticked off, like bounties for example, thanks to my guild bounty nights 😁

There isn’t much to talk about on this subject as I have only done Crystal Oasis achievements so far and I still have a little bit map to explore as well, I have been trying to get good on the harder griffon race through the casino but I’m always a second or two out. So might just give up on that one achieve. These races are a lot of fun. I’ve been trying to do the easy one daily for the gold chest as there is a chance of getting the mini pet from this chest!

….And then Daybreak came out – the story seemed longer than usual, which is brilliant and I found it fun, sometimes they can be a chore to do as weird as that sounds.

It was really nice to catch up with the crew and pick up where we left off in PoF, I still haven’t explored much of the new map. There appears to be loads of gathering nodes, and volatile magic seems a bit sparse which I might find annoying to farm. 

Compared to PoF maps this new map has loads of rewards. This is another map I haven’t done much in so I have no details on the events themselves as I was unfortunate to join a map with events already done, but they were chest icons everywhere on the mini-map, so will definitely be a map players return to regularly.

I must admit towards the end of the story I was really worried that Taimi was going to die, I quite liked how they kept her asking us to hurry and help, it made it seem urgent, I was subject to the lovely bug where I didn’t get credit for the story so I have to go back and do it again. 

These past few weeks I haven’t been on much due to family commitments and being a little unwell, so that means all this new stuff will need to go on hold until the new year, and would would that be?

Winters day of course!!!

I always give up permenant content for temporary to farm farm farm. I really hope ArenaNet space it up a little like they did Halloween. It will be a nice touch if they do.

As usual there are compititions, so don’t forget to enter those. I have won a few goodies by entering these.

The first one I have seen so far is.

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