Mountgate Madness 07.11.17

It all kicked off last night and a lot of the community are not really angry at Arena Net, but disappointed and I am one of them.

Before I start, I want to put it out there I am not against spending in the Gem Store. I buy quite a lot. I’ve purchased: glider skins, convenience items, dyes. I just love shiny stuff and I like to support the game I fell in love with.

Here’s the proof, the difference between my account values is 37k gold, that’s a fair bit of gems I have purchased.

I knew that Mount skins would be a thing; I knew it would be a good cash opportunity for Arena Net, I even purchased the Spooky Skin pack for my mounts at Halloween, but I was not expecting what went down last night.

I would have been one of those people that bought a pack of 5 mounts for 2k gems, I would also be more than willing to get my purse out and buy 1 mount at a time for 800 gems. But I will not succumb to gambling my money for skins I may not get.

Yes ok, you’re guaranteed a mount skin, and you’re guaranteed not to get duplicates and 400 gem per mount skin is a pretty good deal. Compared to the stupidly overpriced 2k SINGLE mount skin.

What isn’t the good part is that it’s RNG and if you only want say 3 or 4 skins, the model works so you would have to purchase more than you intended to as you would most likely end up spending 2-3 times that amount to keep re rolling for the ones you want, while at the same collecting crap you don’t want.  I could buy 4 licences and end up with 4 rabbit skins where ideally I would like a new skin for each of my mounts. To make the matter even worse they are trying to encourage us to bypass RNG buy purchasing all 30 skins at once for around £100.

They are plain right milking us, their loyal customers and it stinks and they should be ashamed. It isn’t about the skins – I don’t have to buy them, it isn’t about the money  – I could pay the £100, it’s the principle.

I don’t think people would care if new mount skins hit the gem store every week, or if they purchased a skin and then a better one got released and then purchased another to chase the shines.

Just think back to when Heart of Thorns was released , did they release all Glider skins at once?

What would have been the reaction if they did? Thinking about it, it probably wouldn’t “as bad” as the RNG aspect would be 1 random glider for one glider slot vs one random mount vs 5 different slots.

What they have done is disgusting and really distasteful and also very greedy. They have probably been sitting on these mount skins for a while, knowing full well that they can add up to 4 dye slots, but only releasing the basic mount with one, knowing full well what was to go down a month later.

The end result is, instead of them receiving between 2-4k gems from me, they have got 0 and currently feeling a little sour about the game and the staff and I am just wondering how many others are in the same situation.

I have been quite vocal about it on Reddit, Twitter and my guild and there are quite mixed views. Make sure you have your say!

Reddit post

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