GW2 Halloween 2017

Well…. Halloween shocked the GW2 community this year didn’t it?!

I think we were all expecting a rehash again this year, but nope….. ANet decided to surprise us : )

Not only did they add gliding and mounts to the labyrinth, they brought back the Mad Memoires backpack and revamped it a little, introduced a few new weapons, mini pets and THREE NEW ARMOUR SETS!!! Oh and more guild hall decorations and gem store goodies, including mount skins : )

So I have ditched PoF for the time being and “no lifing” this event as it is temporary I can just go back to PoF after. I have calculated to make some additional GH Decorations and to buy the Choya in a pumpkin minipet I will need around 70k candy corn, I might give making the moon decoration a miss again this year as that requires 25k candy corn on its own!


The cobs are slowly building up and I am gradually depositing candy corn to the GH decoration vendor, and I split this between my main guild and my personal guild.

I don’t see what harm it causes to allow candy corn to be traded with the vendor throughout the year as it then wouldn’t be such a huge rush to deposit candy corn that has to compete with cobs for purchasing needs. An idea following a reddit post I made was to have a junk trophy drop, bit like raid tokens that you trade in for pumpkins that way players don’t have to sacrifice personal gain for decorations.

The first thing I did was purchase the recipes I was missing for the additional lunatic armour weights to craft (bye bye cobs), including the one I couldn’t get by completing the Clock Tower achievement! I hate that jumping Puzzle!

I have my set favourite skins on most of my chars and to be really honest I haven’t looked at all the new skins in depth, but I quite like the below head skin! It’s a shame it doesn’t unlock in all weights as I could probably cosplay a vampire on one of my fav classes.

blood mouth

Once this was done I ventured out and did the Mad Memoires stuff as I have never done it before, I was lazy and waited for a Dulfy guide :p

I have always admired the skins and this year ANet added a new one, now I have them I’m not sure what class I will put it on , this is always the way, wanting something you can’t get and when you get it, you like,  uhhm…

Most of all the achievements have been ticketed off whilst running around the labyrinth, I can run around in there all day, its mindless and I get loads of bags to open in the hope I get the expensive infusion or the new torch skin, my Condi PS so needs this skin! ANet added a lot of AP to collect this year I feel, which is obviously welcoming to a lot of players that have interest in that, myself included : )

Below list is in case you didn’t know  what the new things were this year alongside the usual stuff:

  • Lunatic Inquisition
  • Mad Memoires Scavenger Hunt > with new skin
  • Mount Skins
  • There is a new Torch skin dropped from Trick or Treat bags
  • New Armour – 3 sets one for each weight, plus 2 addnl for medium
  • New Mini’s, purchased from cobs @ Vendor
  • New minipet to be made in the mystic forge – The Failed attempt
  • New Mace and Scepter skin < you basically turn the mini pet into a wieldable thing, freaky!
  • New guild hall decor – mainly tables and chairs

Oh this is Eric, he says hi…..


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