How important are guilds in GW2?

I came across a post yesterday morning on my routine coffee Reddit browse. It piqued my interest – for me guilds are an important part of my gaming.

This reddit post was about the recent AMA and it shared a post from the official forums.

The AMA confirmed that ANet no longer have a guild content team and this obviously this has worried a few people. I think the most concerning statement from the AMA was that they have no plans to guild content in the foreseeable future.


Currently in game, guilds have been setup to serve many needs.

  • We have guilds that are setup around World vs World. I imagine content wise, there is not much need as these guild make their own content in a form of a raids etc. Over the years I have seen WvW guild missions get added which is a good way for that community to earn commendations and better WvW buffs and tools added.
  • We have guilds that are geared around organising world events, such as Triple Trouble and HoT Metas. I have joined numerous events that these guys have organised and they do a really good job! The biggest guilds I know are GW2Community & OpenCommunity
  • We have raid training guilds, that do a fantastic job in the community at recruiting trainers and teaching those that want to raid, basic raid mechanics and helping them adapt to the change of game style.
  • We have guilds setup to hold members of a static raid group, roleplayers, elite players or a group of friends and much much more!
  • And then we have the guilds for all needs. This is what my main guild is and this is the type of guild I tend to join.


A lot of people have no interest in joining guilds, but many of us do.

If we go back to when the game first started interaction with guilds was a big thing! We had a guild currency that was called guild influence, influence was earned by logging on each day, repping that guild, doing events and stuff together.

This influence was then spent to expand the guild bank, load guild buffs that went to all repping guild members and to queue guild missions. Quite simply put if you didn’t engage your members and they didn’t rep, the guild didn’t earn much influence and things couldn’t be built/queued. Another important thing to note is that you only saw the chat of the guild you were repping at the time so it was important to rep. If you were a small guild or didn’t lead well, you may have struggled to get enough currency to queue missions, but overall Guilds had their purpose and it worked.


When HoT came out, guilds got a bit of a pizazz, guilds were given a choice of 2 guild halls for the guild to work together to upgrade buildings and decorate through scribing, guild chat was enhanced to allow you to see chat across all guild you belong to regardless if you repped or not and the guild buff and mission activities were changed, so matter how big or small your guild was you could still run missions etc.

Some of what came with HoT had its downsides, let’s be honest here, how many guilds can say the whole community worked towards building up the guild hall? I bet there is only a small number; from my experience and what I have read it is normally left to the senior members to fund it and its expensive, I have sunk loads of gold into my personal guild hall.

The biggest bug bare of all, which I think was an unfair and a really cheeky move from ANet, was when they removed the buffs that used to be applied to all members through the guild panel and stuck them on the guild hall tavern guy to collect every 24 hours and 1 at a time! They rehashed this as HoT content, so that meant all the members that only own core game that used to have guild buffs got it stripped from them!

A general observations shows that a lot of people would like to encourage guilds to be in the open world doing stuff and I agree, we don’t need huge guild missions are anything, but maybe have weekly goals that change a bit like old style monthlies we used to have, these goals could award participating members with something that could be put towards the guild to help with building. This would then help create activity in the guild and in maps.


Goals could be:

  • Get Dry top to lvl 4 this week
  • Load and Defeat Tequatl/Karka Queen this week
  • Defend a keep in Silverwastes from start to breach this week
  • Complete 6 jumping puzzles this week
  • Make your way through this dungeon/Mini dungeon
  • Complete one HoT Meta
  • Do Casino Blitz

These would be side events loaded in the guild panel and would require minimum participation.


The guild I am in is predominately a casual guild I would class it a medium to large sized guild, with around 200 people in it, the people logged in at one times ranges from 20 to 80 depending what’s going on.  There is always something going on and you are not forced to participate, although I do believe u get from a guild, what you put in!

Each week there is a lottery and each month there is some form of a competition to win gold and donated prizes. The competitions would range from a custom built jumping puzzle, treasure hunt and even as far as a pub quiz! We have guild missions twice a week to cater for absences and after each evening of mission we get to pick random items from the guild bank.

There is normally a weekly training raid, the leaders keep this very basic and encourage players to seek raids elsewhere, a Dungeon night and there is a weekly event or two alongside GMs and the normal call outs for fractals etc.

I believe my guild are active in the community too as our weekly guild events consist of Dry Top, Silverwastes, HoT Meta’s, Map Completion, Jumping Puzzles & other random bits and bobs, these are on rotation and by need/request. Due to PoF, map bounties have been rotated in, where we bash our way through one whole map!

gw281 (1)

The guild leader has a passion for the game and is always looking out for the guild, I feel he actually cares about the guild members and enjoys keeping us active and giving us things to do, I respect him a lot for that and I think he is the best leader I have come across – it was what I desperately needed after leaving my long term guild a long while back. I give this guild everything: my time, my stuff, and I help and invest in those in need, it was only a few days ago I gave someone gold to go and get vipers gear as they were trying to finish instanced content on a magi druid and was struggling – but this is only because I know who he is, see him in guild and acknowledge his wanting to be active in the guild and is part of my gaming family.

Obviously with all guilds there’s sometimes drama and cliques. I have been guilty of both, there are even some people in my guild that I haven’t even spoken too, but these are the people that don’t rep and do not contribute at all and unfortunately you cannot avoid this unless you have really strict policies, but I still consider myself lucky enough to have such a great guild to spend my time in.


4 thoughts on “How important are guilds in GW2?

  1. KarmaKnitsLove says:

    When I started this game – right after the karka invasion – a few friends from another game and I joined a small guild. That guild’s leader decided to go for her PhD, so we joined to another larger guild. This one was the classic guild – lots of peoples, lots of chatter, lots of silly activities, weekly guild missions with many people online teaching each other how to get through the rush without dying. I loved this guild – until the guild leader became a control freak and even yelled at us during missions. So I and other left that guild. He eventually left and started another one. But I’ve not found a guild with that much camaraderie since. Then when the whole thing with missions changed, the guilds I joined didn’t do them regularly unless you needed the commendations.
    I mostly do things with TTS because they do organize the big events which I would never get through without their help. One other guild I’m in does missions on Mondays during dinner time. I find most guilds operate on East Coast time, mostly. I’m always on the lookout for those with a higher population of West Coast people who play at night. So many play earlier because they want to play with the East Coast people. I can only do that on the weekend.
    All that said, I’m quite saddened by hearing that ANet is not supporting further guild developments. I was hoping there would be new guild missions in the new areas, at least. As much as I curse when learning how to do the rush activities, I would love to play a new one in HoT or PoF. Not having a guild development team is quite a loss.


  2. Rockker66 says:

    I started a Guild with a bunch of my friends when I first started playing. We used to do all the dungeon runs before the HoT release but then they all stopped playing so now it’s just me in a guild on my own… I always wanted to run a small-medium guild of my own but I don’t know much about them and I’ve never found I like enough to join. I’m quite happy playing without all the Guild content, but I do feel I’m missing out on stuff like the Guild Halls, Scribing and I haven’t even tried raids as I wasn’t interested when they were first released and no one wants to party with newbies… sigh


    • Emmalouise says:


      You can get a guild hall on your own. Just ask in map chat. It will be expensive to build up on your own, you can scribe then 🙂

      It’s a shame what anet did with dungeons I used to do a lot of them each night as well.

      If you’re in EU look at crossroads inn.


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