Wooden Potatoes video competition

For those that are not aware WP has been running a competition for several weeks. Please check out his site – http://woodenpotatoes.com/getpof/

I most likely would have entered a video of some sort regardless of the prize funds as Guild Wars 2 is my passion and I love the passion Wooden Potatoes has for the game, he is one of the few content creators I listen to/watch.

There are some amazing prizes on offer, which you can find listed on the page, but the top three are:

  • All core legendary weapons!
  • All Permanent Contracts!
  • All Core legendary Precursors!

There are lots more plus 7th to 25th place gets a nice bundle of gems gifted to them!

I have been working on a video for several weeks now. Making videos can be quite time consuming, but I found this entry is taking up a lot of my time, it’s the constant trimming and mixing of footage and re-recording sound clips and for me it’s hard to break away from gaming to editing it!

It originally started out as a series of screenshots to form a slide show telling my story, alongside the slideshow was some HoT music in the background and me telling my story as the pictures were displayed.

I roughly knew what my story was, but going through my screenshot brought back a lot of memories, which helped me confirm the storyline. I am not very good at getting my thoughts and feelings out, but I thought it’s worth a shot and have nothing to lose.  I treasure the stuff I do in game, the people I do it with and every memory matters, and I hope this will show in the video.

Ultimately in the 5 years of playing I have had a blast, I have laughed and accomplished so much, but I have also been brought to tears by people close to me. I have experienced and learned so much, not just about the game, but who I am as a person.  I have evolved from a proper noob to a noob that now has some skills and can do stuff!  My gameplay wants and needs have changed throughout and I couldn’t think of anywhere else I would want to be!

I showed a guild member and old GW2 friend  my first shot, who said it was a good go and he liked it, I then decided I would show my son who I knew wouldn’t care if he was mean to me if he thought it was crap.

He said it’s ok, but said the screenshots are a little boring and that I should try and add videos to make it more fun to watch. I then ran this feedback to my friend and he agreed, so the whole video has been overhauled. Since working on it again and watching some of it back, as editing is hard, I can see it was a good decision, but ultimately the public will decide if it’s any good!

Luckily enough for me a lot of what I tell my story on can be captured through the many cut scenes I have saved and I went in to record some game footage to fill in the gaps where needed.

I am hoping to finish this weekend as I think I have gathered enough PoF footage to add to my entry, if not this weekend it will be next 😁

I am really nervous about this video though, I hate the sound of my voice, and I think it is quite whiny. I also have a little speech impediment mainly the way I pronounce my R, W, V and F’s and I sometimes slightly slur or stutter, I joke about it on comms and say I have a “Jonathon Ross problem”, but deep down it really frustrates me. I would love to stream and share my passion of the game, but this is what mainly prevents me from streaming as I don’t want it commented on as I’m sensitive about it.

Also,  although I am English born I struggle with pronunciations of some words so as you can imagine, for me,  this issue and my Jonathon ross problem caused me a great deal of trouble trying  to record just one simple sound clip. Each clip on the video has had loads of takes and my voice recorder on my phone got lots of verbal abuse when I stumbled and messed up lol.

I am an accountant, so I move money around and look after budgets and forecast, I am quite process driven and writing and the English language has always been a struggle for me, but I am having a lot of fun making the video and remembering the times I had. If you haven’t made a video yet, maybe you should try it and enter it. Just don’t make it better than mine! Lol!

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