Path of Fire so far

I had to return to work, just before this weekend following some time off to play Path of Fire. #FeelsBadMan…

I literally bummed out on the PC all day for days, and I rarely got dressed (don’t judge :p). I had already prewarned my boyfriend and son that I have booked time off work and this time was purely to game and not to be disturbed.

I still have so much to do, which is a good thing of course!

The first thing I did was unlock the mounts that I could and play through the story with friends. I was so impressed with the story and how it was written, there were some really awesome bits!! I currently going through it all again on another char, alone so I can have a proper listen and read what the NPC’s say : )

Act 1 was ok, not as meaty as the other two acts but searching for Vlast’s crystals was fun. You don’t need to collect all to progress the story, but if you continue to do them there is an achievement and a crystal with a final message as a reward at the end. I did record the messages and uploaded them to YouTube as I like little titbits like this to look back on from time to time : )

I was also really impressed with the Kormir Scene in Act 2, the whole scene was a really good watch and really made me take notice. This was the moment I realised just how good the story had become and how good the way it was going to end. I did record the scene and will be uploading to YouTube soon.

Act 3 was the icing on the cake for me, although I found the end fights quite difficult I absolutely loved it. The best bit was finding my purpose, I really can’t describe how much of a wow factor this was for me, I was in comms at the time with my friends, all they heard was Wow, OMG, Ooohhh and an odd squeal of excitement! I also uploaded the footage to YouTube, I couldn’t resist it’s definitely a keepsake for me : )


Once the story was over, my friends and I went running around collecting the remaining mounts and started our journey to unlock the hidden griffon mount. We unfortunately did this before the Dulfy guide, so although we had mini-map screenshots of egg locations a lot of it was guess work, dodgy jumping and boring hearts – it took us all of Sunday and Monday to complete, but was well worth it. We later found out that once you progress through all the masteries associated with the griffon you unlock challenges across the maps. My buddies are currently trying to outdo each other’s times and are having a whale of a time.  (I’m now waiting for some mount skins to hit the gem store, that datamined spider one would be nice!)


I have already converted a few of my mains into the new elite specs, the first one was ranger as it had enough hero points on the outset to level and do the story with. I quite like soulbeast.

It played ok, beastmode is fun, but the skills from the beast are not game breaking either as far as I could see. I guess you need to switch in an out more often I was unsure of what build to run so I just ditched beastmaster out for soul beast on my condi build I was running. This is most likely wrong and I need to look into a decent build and practise the beast mode etc before I make a final decision.

I then transformed my Engi, who was my random crap holder, into a holosmith, I even gave him a new name- Oozull (which I think is very asura like) Holosmith is a lot of fun and I like how you now do away from kits as my memory is terrible and I cant remember what all the skills are on them, what did what and what I need to switch too when, all I have to worry about now is weapon skills, Proton skills and the F key skills. The actual skill animations are also very cool looking!

I ran my power warrior through but didn’t really do much as spellbreaker is WvW/PvP focused, but she did get a makeover, how cool does she look!


I might regret saying this, but I am not feeling scourge. I love my reaper, I take her to a lot of places even used to raid with her and I play her reasonably well, but I am struggling to get to grips with Scourge and the change of death shroud  1-5 skills to F1-F5, I am all fingers and thumbs and I find I press the wrong F key and mess up and I am now worrying I won’t be able to play one of my fav classes to its full potential. I defiantly need to look into using smart shift keys & Macro keys for the F key skills on my new keyboard and practice shroud a bit more. As with Soulbeast I’m not sure on the best build, but for now I might change her back to reaper for my fractal runs.

Firebrand seems cool too, the damage on my zerk gear was good, but I died everywhere lol…  I will be changing this little guy from zerk to vipers and put a few defensive skills on and have another go.

I still need to spec out my other classes so I can unlock and complete all the new specialisation collections, but next on my list is the new revenant spec, I have a sneaking suspicion I will really like it too!

My future plans for PoF are to run through the story achievements, Complete the collections. I will also attempt to do the challenges and tick of the bounties. For the past few weeks I have also been working on a video to enter into the Wooden Potatoes competition. I hope to have that finished in the next few weeks. I am hoping it compliments me and what I feel about the game.

One last thing….. if you come across a cave with funky music, make sure you run in and see these guys!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Path of Fire so far

  1. Rocco B says:

    Yeah, enjoying PoF too :D. I’ve only unlocked holosmith. And even though it isn’t my playstyle, it is nice to have it unlocked – slowly working on my other toons. Love the lightsaber as the sword for holosmith. Also, I’ve only got the raptor, that’s because I went back to core tyria with him (I call him gattling gutts or GiGi for short). Mounts in core, is a blast to have. Mapping is so much faster & fun. I already know how the story ends, spoilers doesn’t bother me at all.


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