Gamers meetup

We have always discussed it but Friday 15th it actually happened. Myself and some fellow raiders planned to meet up with our raid leader in Newcastle for his Birthday.  I drove up from Surrey and grabbed two on the way, one of them having travelled from the very bottom of England! The others flew in from Sweden.

The drive there was a monster, I started my journey after grabbing two dudes from a station around 11am, and we pulled up to our hotel in Newcastle around 7pm. We hit so many traffic spots we couldn’t pick up any decent speed.

 Friday night consisted of pub food and then bed as we were all tired. Saturday daytime was pretty much chilled and the evening we hit Newcastle town centre to the local pubs and bars.

The evening consisted of dodgy Karaoke, sticky clubs floors, drunken dancing and bromances. I like a drink and I like dance music, but at 38 yrs I did feel really old in the clubs lol, I am also always self-conscious of dancing as I have no rhythm what so ever!

The thing I was most looking forward too was the real life gaming event. EXIT Newcastle!

We got locked into a room for an hour and the only way out was to solve the game. Our game was called solving the city. We had to find clues to open locks and diffuse a bomb. As a group we did it in 50 minutes.

I want to do this activity again with my girlfriends as Sunday morning I was really hung over and walking around like a zombie. Most I could do was pull a sofa out, check in cushions and glance at a few clues….

Here is our mug shot.

Our drive home Monday was really relaxed, we managed to get some decent speed going and we did the drive from Newcastle to Reading in just over 5 hours.  We saw the Angel of the north on the way down again, but this time we decided to pull over and actually see it close up.

I left the static raid group some while ago, but I have gradually gone back and done some raids with them, I have missed them a lot they are awesome people. This weekend brought us together and I am now back in on a permanent basis 🙂

3 thoughts on “Gamers meetup

  1. KarmaKnitsLove says:

    That’s so amazing you all met up! An old guildmate of mine caught up with me one time and told me that he got to meet up with a bunch of guild mates – one even flew in from Central America! I am so envious of that! 🙂 Their meeting was on the East Coast of the US. I’m waiting for one on the West Coast.

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