Moving on to Aurora

This week I finished all my hot collections, it was painful, but a grind well worth it in my opinion!

I am now the proud owner of the Luminates backplate, that actually goes really well with my colour scheme so I’m keeping it on and the Mini Chak : )


I got most of my currency at the weekend and I owe most of it to a guy I met in Tangled Depths called Beserk Steve, I’m sure he won’t mind me naming him he’s quit proud of being the first in EU to complete hivemaster and its not as if this blog gets too many views : )


He command TD for all of Bank Holiday Monday and I happened to fall into a map that he lead, he was brilliant, he knew where all the events were and opened my eyes a lot. I didn’t realise that once all the main camp events had been done there are other little events that could be done, that those added a nice little extra currency. He was also really informative and funny so time flew by. (I am ashamed to admit I was there from morning to night just farming!) I asked him how much map currency he had, he replied…..





OMG how can someone get this much lol!
I thought farming TD is to do the camp events collect keys and then open chests whilst waiting for Chak Gerent to spawn, rinse and repeat, but it appears I was very wrong, so thanks again Beserk Steve! As it stands now I don’t have to efficiently farm again, but I will still attend the events in TD & Ab as I enjoy them, I also need another 10 shots at Octovine for Golden Child achievement and spare currency helps for legendaries and other bits and bobs 🙂


So now I am done with HoT collections, I thought I may as well get Aurora out of the way. As anyone that knows me knows that I like completing things, so yes you guessed it I have done all the achievements on LS S3, so Aurora is open with some bits already marked off.
I am not sure if and when I will make it but I thought I may as well get the bits done in the collections that require input from other humans, i.e. Meta events boss drops, you know, just in case the maps lack numbers later on and it’s a bit more difficult to do. I would prefer to get it done when easy : )

I have had a very brief look at the collections on the wiki an from what I can see in the collections, most of the stuff I need to do is doing hearts, and buying the odd things here and there from Vendors, but there are a few drops from map bosses that are needed.

If I have read the collections properly I think I need to just worry about the below for now and do the rest in my own time.

Bloodstone Fen – I have done the achievements here  so i just need to kill Unbound Guardian & ghostly Justiciar Hablion again and do hearts?

Ember Bay – I have done the achievements here and re did the JP (I got ported) so just need to re kill pyroclastic jade construct, Vermingus, sloth queen & molten dominator and do hearts?

Bitterfrost – I think i have 1 or 2 ahcievemnts to do here, but nothing major so as there doesn’t appear to have drops from a boss/mob I guess I need to do some hearts.

Lake Doric – doesn’t appear to have drops from a boss/mob, so again I guess hearts need doing.

Draconis Mons – Done all the achievements and collections, thank god! so I just need to kill legendary destroyer Ignis, legendary destroyer Aestus, bloodstone-charged lava wurm & greater spirit of nature and hearts 🙂

Siren’s Landing – From what I can see I need to buy a back-piece and kill unchained wyvern, horrid illusion champion Risen gorilla, Spider, Wraith and drake and hearts, I’ve done the achievements and collections and JP.

Below is a video of someone showcasing the effect, both in combat and out of combat!

I am in no rush for a legendary trinket but I will probably make the Aurora eventually as I really like the effect.

Not sure what character I will put it on, I’m guessing my necro, but she has the gorse infusion I will have to move out, but I will wait to see if my profession choice changes when the new elites come out in a few weeks to see if I have a new main.

It’s a shame you can add aura’s to some form of wardrobe so the effect can be used across multiple characters, like mini’s!


One thought on “Moving on to Aurora

  1. Rockker66 says:

    I’ve just started Aurora too. It seems pretty straight forward. I barely spent any time in Bitterfrost so I have so many things to do there including the Aurene mini but I’ve pretty much done everything for all the other areas. Not sure what’s next on the list though!


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