Preparations for GW2PoF (finishing HoT)

As the release of the new expansion pack is relatively close I thought I would go back and finish those HoT Collections I had abandoned. I had done most of the achievements in HoT, but always planned to finish some armour, Machined Weapons , Order backpacks, Luminates backplate, Chak and Auric weapon collections. I have been picking them off at a slow rate but the recent news has made me increase the pace a bit.

I am not sure about anyone else, but I would like to go into Path of Fire without any HoT baggage as I still have core Tyria stuff to do and I suffer with a bit of completionism, so as you can imagine I have lots of working goals – long and short term. Once these are all done I will just be left with a few achievements for getting Gold in a few challenges I can’t be arsed to try to get gold in.
Last weekend I finished my machined weapon and Bladed armour collection, I didn’t find the machined collection hard to do as I had already had them open and collected the parts from Noxious pods in Dragon Sand, (thank god) so I just needed to take some oiled bits to a hero point and commune with it and a few odd little bits here and there, Bladed just needed the odd T4 meta event map to be done for the armour box.

This weekend I finished the three order backpacks – Lightbringer, Magister & Warmaster. These were practically done apart from the odd 1 or 2 achievements, mostly I needed to go and finished the basic order weapon and armour collections for all three orders – OMG! I nearly fell off my chair. I had to fork out just shy of 100g per Order collection!!!
I had a few bits of armour and weapons unlocked, due to fashion wars, but the majority needed to be purchased. To add salt to the wound, there is also nothing you can do with them once you bought them. You can’t forge them, sell them back to vendor or salvage. So I had to drag each and every one out of my bags. That was around 90 items : (

So now, for the next few weeks, it’s the Auric, Chak weapons & Leystone armour alongside other things like guild events etc.

The Chak is going to be pure and simple grinding the currency to buy the items. The auric will require the same grind for the recipes, following that there is going to be crafting costs. Luckily enough for me I have 6 or 7 of each due to repeating the HoT story but I still need a good 4k map currently maybe a bit more. I don’t mind doing this so much, at the same time I will be in maps talking to other people, getting drops and exp, so my main places of interest will be Tangled Depths and Auric Basin.

Going forward into PoF I really hope ANet repeat the Elite spec weapon collections as I enjoyed doing them and there were some great skins to get hold off. There is also the benefit of getting a relatively cheap Ascended weapon for newer players.

As there have been new armour datamined we might see some more armour collections to unlock as we journey around the desert too : )

5 thoughts on “Preparations for GW2PoF (finishing HoT)

  1. Rockker66 says:

    Wish I had the time and patience to even start any of these collections! I’ve only been lucky enough to get one Bladed Coat box but might try to complete the Bladed Armour collection since I need to farm some Amalgamated Gemstones to finish Chuka and Champawat anyway.

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  2. KarmaKnitsLove says:

    My completionism bug is to have all the masteries and map completed on each of my 3 main characters. I still don’t have the mastery to play spider man from the latest update – sigh.

    But to get the weapons – wow – that’s dedication! Congratulations.


    • Emmalouise says:

      Will you be completely all HoT maps? I have only done it once to make a lege lol. If I got time I suppose I should try to do some HoT map completion for future use. I didn’t think of this. Ty 🙂


      • KarmaKnitsLove says:

        I’d love to complete all of the maps, however, as you can tell by how long it took me to reply to your comment, life has been too busy. Wish I had a few days to just game! 🙂 And I want to follow you around because you clearly know all of the in’s and out’s (referring to your Sept 1 post and the TD day). 🙂


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