DPS Meters and Current Events!

I woke up this morning to find that Bhagawan, who is the owner of BGDM got banned from Guildwars2 for developing software that was continuously breaching ANet’s ToS.

This actually isn’t what drove me to right this blog post. I took a little back step from raiding recently as I wanted to concentrate of other things in game. I wanted to complete all the HoT collections I had left unfinished and mess around with guildies with guild events etc. which means I am a little rusty.

I am nearly done now with my collections, so last night I stepped into a spare space with my old raid team to do wing 1 and 2. Now normally I enjoy raids, but I left the evening raids feeling really crap and deflated.

I got so hung up on checking my DPS on arc to make sure I was doing ok that I wasn’t actually concentrating on the raid. This meant I wasn’t working with the mechanics and I was making really stupid errors and obviously one of the by-products is bad DPS. 

I’ve killed those bosses millions of time before and most certainly shouldn’t have been making errors where I did. Unfortunately due to my own issues when I logged off last night I found it hard to settle and my performance kept running through my mind – so when I woke up this morning I decided that I will switch it off later when I’m home from work! Afterall we all play the game to have fun. 🙂

I understand raiding is the end game for a lot of people and some raid all week, but in my world there is so much more. I spend more of my time doing fractals and tagging along with guildies in what they are doing. I.e. silverwastes or HoT map events, I even dip into WvW. I only raid a few hours a week, if I raid that week, so I have now decided in terms of DPS to be in favour of the attitude “ignorance is bliss”.

I am more than aware I am just an average player and my DPS is ok, not great but ok, so why put myself through it when I would do far better concentrating on the fight, working with the mechanics and enjoying my raid time, when I raid.


So…… I am at work on a coffee break and browse Reddit. Then I see a farewell post and was about to skip passed it as I often do, but I noticed the number of comments and up votes so obviously then I know this is one of importance.

I am aware of BGDM., I personally don’t use it as it has always been a bit “iffy” in terms of ToS and I’m glad I didn’t.

According to Chris Cleary @ ANet, it’s been noncompliant for some time and even has legal consequences if it is continued to be developed in this way. From what I have read Anet have been trying to work with him before the ban.

I haven’t read the whole Reddit post, but Chris Cleary has made an effort to post on it and it appears BGDM will be dead on next patch and its made me not want to use a DPs meter even more. I have put in over 7k hours into GW2 and I don’t want a ban. 😦

Comment from discussion Farewell GW2 people!.


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