GW2 PoF BETA weekend 11.08.17 (SPOILERS)

Overall, I enjoyed the few hours I had there. Wasn’t much to do once you did a few events, did the race and explored every nook and cranny I could. I swam in the sea, climbed pyramids, killed a legendary giant fruit and died many times!

Here is my album of where I ran around. (Warning over 100 Pics)

Before I left the main town, Crystal Oasis I noticed there was a new gambling vendor. They sold the usual tiered purchases and had the usual rewards of ecto and 100 gold vendor items.

GamblingGambling 3

You can get a Supreme Rune of Holding as a lucky drop, so I expect we can increase our bag sizes!!


I then went off to explore on my new mount!, I quite like how fluid the mounting is, with one click of a button you were on your mount and ready to go, the raptor has a really nice stop animation and makes it feel realistic there way it slides to a halt. It has a few idle animations, it shakes and nearly shakes you off with it, it pokes its tongue out, sits down and scratches with his back leg, a bit like a dog would lol.


I did the Raptor race, this was fun and you get to see the map as you whizz past.

Raptor Bad points!

  • Jumping on raptor uses endurance. A small tap to space bar should use endurance as it doesn’t use it when we jump around in human form. I personally don’t think this should use endurance. Obviously big leaps should.
  • You can’t strafe left or right when mounted -.-
  • The raptors appear to be really easily stuck on small difference in land height. the amount of times it refused to climb up a tiny step of a few milometers!!

Despite the bad point, I really cannot wait to get to unlock all the other mounts when the expac is released and it was great they are adding them to core Tyria as not only does it advertise the expac to other players, it will make guild Bounties and Treks be really epic lol

I was really impressed with the artwork on the vultures, its just a basic white category animal that has no importance, but I couldn’t help noticing how well it was done!


I didn’t really participate with too many events, but I killed one or two bounties, I did a heart  and joined the odd map events that I passed by.

The most funniest bit in this map is an area with all the gods statue’s all of them appear to be worshiped and have offerings and candles in front of them. All but one, lol, which was Balthazar – there was a basket over his head, which I can only guess the Elonion people put there, and there were no offerings :(. Nice touch ANet!!!!

Hated Baltazaar

I fell in love with Choya, they are so adorable, they are like angry quaggans made of fruit. I can see the community loving these already. there was a big legendary one as part of an event, he was annoying he rolled around too much, but there are normal ones running around in Blue, Pink and Green coloring’s and I also saw some babies!!!

Alive ChoyaDead ChoyaDead Choya 2Legendary Choya

I am hoping they make towns and other densly populated areas non mountable, as I think places like Lions Arch etc will be a nightmare. It looks like they may have a plan for it as I noticed the below sign and debuff when entering buildings.

No mountingRule Breaker

Another good thing I discovered was one of the Mastery points, Pot of Soup, wasn’t your normal commune with option. You was greeted by e Chef that wanted you to be his Sous Chef, it took me 4 to 5 goes to get familiar with where all the ingredients were, but I had great fun running around throwing them at him until I eventually completed it.

I don’t think I will be participating in next weeks BETA as i think the Elite specs are only available in Pvp and WvW, as I don’t play those that often and I don’t think I would benefit, but who knows I might go and take a tiny peek.





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