Path of fire 22.09.17 GW2 expansion pack 2

OMG the announcement was totally out of this world, it blew my mind!!!! Everything you need to know is on the official expansion pack website, all the classes, mounts and pictures!!!!

Watch it here:

Announcing Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire

Prepurchase Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire

Dulfy has done a very good summary on Reddit!!

  • Expansion will follow from LW3 and lead to LW4.
  • New expansion is all about content.
  • Expansion name is Path of Fire
  • Travel to Crystal Desert. Five new open world zones. They are the largest zones we have revealed and therefore we are releasing the mount system.
  • 250 years have passed since last we visited Crystal Desert in GW1.
  • You will encounter Forged, living armor that only serve Balthazar.
  • You will also encounter Awakened, undead that serve Palawa Joko
  • You will also encounter Braindead that serve Kralkatorrik
  • We are bringing exploration back to the forefront of GW2.
  • Bounties to hunt down dangerous creatures, world bosses, and mount races.
  • New guild hall.
  • Can be bought as a standalone expansion.
  • Preview weekend August 11-13. Open to everyone.
  • Expansion will arrive in less than 2 months. Launch Sept 22.


  • Mounts being introduced for the first time to GW2. Each mount has its own movement ability and can get to places other mounts can’t get to.
  • Mounts are tied to the Mastery system.
  • Each mount has one combat skill to aid players in combat.
  • Raptor is the first mount players have access to and can jump over a long distance.
  • Next mount player can encounter is the Springer, it can jump great heights.
  • Skimmer, can hover in the air and hover over water.
  • Jackal, can blink forward and have more precise movements for jumping puzzles.

Elite Specializations

  • Guardian – Firebrand – burning enemies and conjuring tomes to aid allies. Giving up instant support in favor of casted support. Uses axe.
  • Necro – Scourge – Giving up Death Shroud and give his life force to the earth to protect allies. Uses torch.
  • Thief – Deadeye – Uses rifle to get more ranged. Kind of like a sniper.
  • Mesmer – Mirage – Camouflage into their surroundings and attack you from all sides. New dodge mechanic that allow attacks to pass through them rather than moving.
  • Warrior – Spellbreaker – Wield daggers and able to cut magic off their foes. Can stop skills and cut enemy boons.
  • Ele – Weaver – Able to wield multiple attainments at once. Two fire skills, two water skills and a fifth skill that is a fire and water skill. Uses sword.
  • Ranger – Soulbeast – Dagger. Able to become their pet.
  • Revenant – Renegade – Can summon members of charr warband and summon portals behind enemy
  • Engineer – Holosmith – Bending light to become your weapon. Has a heat mode where if they stay too much in that mode that explode.


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