One Path Ends

“Taimi’s machine returned Jormag and Primordus to a dormant state, but Balthazar vanished in the aftermath. His assault on the Elder Dragons could spell doom for Tyria, making it crucial to find him before he strikes again. Where do you begin the hunt for a rogue god?”

Tuesday 25th July has been and gone and I would imagine its quite common knowledge now that Livia is back. Livia is my favorite GW1 hero and I took her everywhere with me. She used to be my minion master.

I personally don’t feel she was introduced well, she just popped up “oh, Hi! I am Livia” people that have not played GW1 or read/watched lore wouldn’t have even raised an eyebrow.

So anyways, I thought the story was ok, I still think there is way too little story and too much open world hearts, but I had fun. I did it with my two guild leaders and found it hilarious when one of them was being abused by the shining blade

The start of the story is to grab Lazarus’s aspect in the White Mantle stronghold. There is a fun little puzzle to do which we accidentally did in a few hits! As story goes, nothing here really excited me.

The next part of the story was to meet at the Shining Blade Headquarters to take an oath and undergo some challenges. I found this instance quite amusing. As it was instance owner based, I had the privilege to be on a balcony overlooking my guild leader, I watched while he got rocks thrown and dumped on him, had to survive waves of mobs and struggled to kill something whilst coping with self-doubt. I didn’t find it as funny when I had to go back and do the achievements though!!

I then found myself boarding a boat to Orr and I landed on Siren’s Landing! This is a really nice map, nicely done ANet.

A lot of the story on this map was going around completing the hearts, this has been a downside to a lot of the living story episodes released with new maps. It’s just time filler for the story so it doesn’t appear too short. But I had fun. You can buy chests for 1 pearl, in return you get a pearl back and some stuff to salvage, there are new mini’s to purchase and lore books to collect.

The map is separated out by the 6 gods:

Melandru, Grenth, Dwayna, Abaddon, Balthazar & Lyssa

– with a heart for each. (not one for Abaddon’s area) once you have cleared all 5 hearts you can enter a room below ground in Abaddon’s area and gamble with a chest for loot. The maximum you can do this is twice per day, the first one is free and the second requires a donation.

Following on from exploring the new map, completing the hearts and dying at the over powered fire damage in Balthazar’s area it was time to enter the last battle to conclude episode 6.

The Lazurus fight is quite frustrating. You have to Cc the Eye of Janthir near an aspect to make it vulnerable to damage and there is a lot of AOE.  Before you reach Lazurus, you will need to pass through a floor puzzle, there are orbs the other side of the room and you need to grab them, bring them back and place them into the pedestals. You will move slower and have decreased endurance regeneration while you are on the heated floor. The pattern changes every time you put in an orb.

Oh by the way “we are going to the desert” yes that’s pretty much how it was announced, lol!

I had to do the jumping puzzle twice as the first time I did it I didn’t have the legendary trinket collection open, but I didn’t find this JP too difficult to do,  lots of lore books, I have collected them, all and sat on a boat to read, I will upload the YouTube Videos in the next few days.

There are loads of achievements to be had here, make sure you check Dulfy for guides. **

** other contributors available

Other additions

Legendary Trinkets – you need all of the 4 sentient items, merge them in the MF. Once you have unlocked the collection there’s a lot of grind. 

New mastery points including  9 New Core tyria MP, on achievment panel and a new fractal. I have only done a level 25 so far, it’s seems really difficult. 

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